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Shanghai easy education information technology co., LTD. Is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the r&d, sales and service of education products, and is committed to building the largest intelligent education cloud platform in China. The company's main products include HappyClass smart campus system, smart blackboard, smart classroom system and maker education products. The company has obtained the investment of Shanghai international venture capital (international capital), sea and sea giant, long ying equity, good future and other famous domestic institutions. At present, more than 5,000 schools in China are using easy-to-teach products and have set up more than 20 offices throughout the country to provide perfect services for users nationwide.

Business layout


HappyClass intelligent blackboard is the next generation artificial intelligence blackboard based on the Internet of things technology. It realizes the chalk writing function of the ordinary blackboard and realizes the interactive touch control function. It realizes the multimedia teaching function of hd display, and realizes the intelligent classroom function of "one-to-many" interactive teaching. It has realized the function of classroom environment intelligent perception and data automatic collection, and realized the function of artificial intelligence, live broadcast and double teacher classroom, which is the core product of realizing smart classroom.

HappyClass wisdom the board USES the Internet of things technology, compared with the average intelligence blackboard, more powerful, implement the "one to many" interactive teaching, classroom environment intellisense and wisdom class functions such as automatic data acquisition;

HappyClass intelligent blackboard touch control technology adopts capacitive touch, which has the advantages of strong anti-interference ability and long service life, compared with traditional infrared touch one-piece machine or electronic whiteboard.

HappyClass intelligent blackboard adopts the advantages of high stability, high cost performance and easy to use. Therefore, HappyClass intelligent blackboard is an inevitable trend to replace traditional multimedia classroom equipment.


HappyClass intelligent blackboard adopts integrated design, integrating traditional blackboard, artificial intelligence, live broadcast, Internet of things router, computer, touch and control machine, speaker, sensor and other equipment.

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