HappyClass Career planning and intelligent walking scheduling system

Career planning


The Career Planning System consists of four modules of subject interest, capacity for subject, discipline matching and information for colleges and universities, scientifically guiding students making reasonable decisions on subjects, majors and universities according to students’ subject capacity, subject interest and discipline matching.

High school is an important period for the formation and development of students’ self- consciousness, character, aptitude and interest, and it’s also a critical period for the determination of academic development and professional ideal. When mentioning Shanghai’s reform of college entrance examination, Shanghai’s deputy mayor, Weng Tiehui, underscored that it’s an “era of choices” now, and it’s one of the most important human qualities to learn to make choices. In high school, it’s also of vital significance to have a correct understanding of one selves and to make suitable decisions on subjects, majors,and universities according to ones’ academic interest and specialties. High school students are faced with realistic choices when entering into higher education or society. How to make better plans about ones’ future social character and to implement the plans in this stage matters very much.

With the comprehensive promotion of new reform of college entrance examination, the teaching model of mobile learning has been in widespread introduction. And in order to make sure the work of mobile learning and course- scheduling going on smoothly, and at the same time, to pay attention to developing students’ hobbies and personalities, schools should attach importance to their career planning education and choose a suitable combination of three subjects for them, according to their interest, grades, ideal university and major, and career development plan.



The Background for education of mobile learning and course- scheduling

In accordance to related supportive documents of examination system reform, like The Implementation Advice about Deepening the Enrollment System Reform issued by the State Council and The Implementation Advice about Common College Entrance Examination issued by Ministry of Education, the new reform of college entrance examination is comprehensively promoted nationwide. The regulations included said in the provinces( regions, cities) that implement comprehensive reform of college entrance examination, the exam model for students will be “3+3” in the future. Except for Chinese, math and English, there will be three subjects of students’ own choice. Zhejiang province implements “3 out of 7” model, plus one optional subject of information technology.

The academic proficiency test includes three subjects, whose total score is reckoned in the colleges’ and universities’ enrollment. Students choose on their own from subjects of politics, history, geography, physics, chemistry, biology, etc, according to the requirements of colleges and universities, and their own specialties. Under this comprehensive reform of college entrance examination, majoring in both liberal arts and science breaks down the convention of liberal arts- and- science division from before. The promotion of the new college entrance examination, on the one hand, enlarges the students’ right to select on their own, and on the other hand, brings out higher challenges towards teaching resources. Under the model of “3 out of 6”, or even “3 out of 7”, it means at least 20 plus combinations among different subjects while mobile learning system becomes normal and classroom resources increase. Also, teaching quality needs to be guaranteed, which means the difficulties for course- scheduling and management increase accordingly.

It greatly reduces the complexity extent of course- scheduling using the Intelligent System for Mobile Learning and Course- scheduling and can meet the students’ needs to the greatest extent, under the limited school resources. After finishing course- selecting, Educationtek’s Intelligent System for Mobile Learning and Course- scheduling will provide the optimized plan for class dividing and course- scheduling. Every student will have their own personalized curriculum.

Class scheduling system


Educationtek always focuses on providing optimized services for school, using the method of educational informatization. It investigated and surveyed more than a hundred schools on the educational front line, integrated the problems from actual operation, and finally developed the Intelligent System for Mobile Learning and Course- scheduling, which to the greatest extent meets the needs of schools’ system of course- selecting and mobile learning. For example, if one sets the floating number of people when dividing classes and targetedly adjusts curriculum schedule on his own after finishing all the settings, it will be more flexible and beneficial.

It is an effective teaching management tool for the reform of the new college entrance examination policy. System adopts advanced three and line algorithm, according to all the students choose subjects combination automatically divide into classes, process rules and rules set up the limitations of the reasonable science, will arrange course selection, intelligent data entry, teachers divide into classes, all arranged schedule into one system, meet the six selected three (or the need to choose 3), realized one schedule, easily solved the arrangement problem of the school.



System composition

Easy to teach intelligent walking course system is composed of basic data management, elective course management, intelligent sub-class management and course management.


In the part of [data management], set up a basic database, and manually or with the method of template batch importation, input the basic information of campuses, classrooms, semesters, courses, teachers, students and so on. In [course- selecting management], create mission of course- selecting, which supports massive students to online choose courses on their own; teachers can analyze the students’ course- selecting data and guide students on their choices. In [intelligent class- dividing], conduct intelligent class- dividing based on 三并开线算法, and set class groups and deploy course teachers according to the need. In [course- scheduling management], one click to form the curriculum after setting the relevant course- scheduling regulations, and it’s also OK to manually adjust the curriculum.

Basic data management


Course management


Smart divide into classes

In the process to create


After the schedule is released, students can formally check their personalized curriculum information.

Electronic bulletin board


Educationtek’s electronic bulletin board is centered on class and integrates multiple functions, like external publicity, internal information distribution, attendance statistics, interactive touch control, and so on. It replaces blackboard newspaper and propaganda wall to popularize knowledge for students , broaden their horizon, and improve their exploration ability and self- management ability. Also, it fulfills the multilateral interactions among students, teachers and parents. It’s the outcome of combination of traditional bulletin board and information technology, and also a tempt of deep integration with schools’ management system during the process of educational informatization.